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About us

We create brands that make a bold statement.

Yesterday Design Co. is a branding and design corporation based in Toronto, Ontario. We help businesses establish a position in the market and connect with their audience effectively. Our team is hand-selected by marketing executives who manage clientele in many different industries.

Data and Analytics

Work with our data nerds and learn more about your customers and how they interact with your brand!

Graphic Design

Establish a unique brand identity that will last forever. Our designers are vetted in taking client visions and turning them into a reality.

Website Development

Discuss with our expert website development team about creating a dynamic website for your business or application.

A design & development team with a technology background.

Utilizing proprietary technology licensed by Führen Holdings Inc, Yesterday Design Co. is pleased to provide enterprise-level design and marketing solutions in Toronto. Our company works with clients in a wide range of industries from fashion to the industrial sector. We turn problems into solutions.

Queen West Pet Grooming

Acquired new client

Seira Software

Updated to v2.0 Closed BETA


Completed Partnership Agreement

Dundas Square Barbers

Acquired new client

Lumens Dental Corp.

Launched Dental Directory SaaS

Seira Software

Launched Seira Software closed BETA

Goobok Toronto

Acquired new client

RISE Cannabis

Developed packaging concepts

Second Nature Hype

Acquired new client

Dental Client Migration

Migrated client profiles, data, and operations
from Yesterday Design Co. to a subsidiary company

Launched Yesterday Design Co.

Acquired by Führen Holdings Inc., with a
new strategy and technology integrations

Designing For The Good

Developed a social impact programme for
internal and external CSR governance

Clients and Partners

Building the brands of tomorrow

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Yesterday Design Co. encourages the public to ask questions and collaborate with CSR initiatives, including sustainable packaging and our impact programme “Designing for the Good“.

Enhanced web software and analytics technology are provided by our parent company, ensuring each project has real-time data and marketing automation tools.

Client retention and satisfaction are surveyed at 100% for our company’s products and services.

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