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Barrel Energy Inc. Branding

Welcome to the portfolio page for Barrel Energy Inc. (OTCM: BRLL). A user-friendly investor relations website is critical to building shareholder value in capital markets. Our design team wireframed a dynamic content management system (CMS) for Barrel Energy Inc. Upon the strategy of increasing shareholder value with corporate branding, Yesterday Design Co. revealed a new colour scheme and user experience. The result is a responsive content management system that powers their online investor relations ecosystem.

Barrel Energy Inc. is a publicly-traded company that is using a USA-made lifecycle approach to meet the soaring global demand for lithium-ion battery technology.

Scope of work

Visual Identity
Site Taxonomy
IR Web Design
Web Development

Barrel Energy Inc.

Responsive Website Design

Our design and development took the time to build out the font hierarchy and design layout. In addition, we wireframed a simple concept for the website, which allowed investors to navigate easily. The primary goal for our designers was to focus on sustainability governance and USA-Made product lifecycle. Over 80% of Barrel Energy’s traffic came from mobile. Therefore, we modelled two different sites for mobile and desktop to ensure beautiful graphics on desktop and superior usability on mobile.

Graphic Design

The visual identity for Barrel Energy Inc. was based upon sustainability within the lithium exploration sector and renewable energies. Publicly traded companies hold a standard for ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), which institutions assign a score on social responsibility. Therefore, the fonts, colours, and identity were selected to put sustainability at the forefront of the design from social channels, letterheads, stationary print, and website.

Barrel Energy Inc.
Barrel Energy Inc.
"Excellent design and service! Communication throughout and response time was above expectation!"
John Wright

Executive Management