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Imperial Granite & Stone Ltd. Branding

Welcome to the portfolio page of Imperial Granite & Stone Ltd. Our team made it a priority to design a brand identity that is clean and cohesive from all channels and forms of print. Imperial is a premium stone fabricator and kitchen/bathroom remodeler in Markham, Ontario. They house everything from quartz, granite, marble, and onyx in their showroom.

After an initial discovery session with the client, we learned that the directors’ goals were not met with the current branding and marketing. Instead, they wanted something modern and classy and expressed their trade values with quality of work.

We knew that to understand the objectives of the project goal, we had to dive deeper.

Scope of work

Logo design
Site Taxonomy
Content Architecture
Visual Design
Web Development
Social Media Management



The meanings and origins of the word “Imperial” lead us to journey through several periods and diverse territories, where being considered imperial was an extravagant and exclusive title. For an empire to reign supreme, history suggests a strong strategy and a more robust foundation. Therefore, the crown is reserved strictly for the Imperial.

Colour Palette

The colour palette was inspired by the origin of Imperials products and services. The slate/stone-like colours were selected with careful attention to detail and contrast – the muted hue of the colour selection suggests an elegant, sophisticated and calming cadence.

Mark Inspiration

The entire logo consists of a whitespace “Imperial” type mark accompanied by a crown logomark. The design of the mark was based on our strategic research after a new perspective was gained from the discovery session. The crown represents supremacy, imperial status, and a standard of perfection – it is exclusive and demands respect.

Notice the design of the crown is composed of the white space in the ‘M’ of Imperial.

Imperial Granite & Stone Ltd. Logomark
Imperial Granite & Stone Ltd. Brand Identity
Imperial Granite & Stone Ltd. Business Cards

Content Creation

Our social media team manages the channels for Imperial Granite & Stone Ltd. You will find the same colours, fonts, and content strategy placed carefully throughout all marketing materials.

Web Development

Developers from Yesterday Design Co. built a dynamic website for Imperial Granite & Stone Ltd., which included a full user flow and taxonomy. In addition, the design had a top-down collection for stone slabs with correlated projects. Our specialists manage the SEO services for this client as well.

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