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Mik Cafe & Bakery Branding

Welcome to the portfolio page for Mik Cafe & Bakery. This woman-owned business built a following by creating custom-made cakes from their home and is moving into an official storefront. They needed a brand designed before their grand opening in Mississauga, Ontario. The owners wanted a strong brand and logo to create a memorable experience, building around their brand pillars of being women-owned and their Albanian-style treats. The brand must represent a modern, stylish environment that reminds customers of a European-style villa. The goal was to portray a modern brand perception with classical design elements.

The new brand identity must support the mood and tone of voice used throughout all channels, including stationary print, social media, and website, while creating a personality in the store.
Scope of work

Visual Identity
Site Taxonomy
Content Architecture
Web Development


Brand Strategy

The main branding consists of a combination logo – a stamp-style text logo of the Albanian word ‘Mik,’ which represents someone you can trust, a companion who is dependable no matter what the situation. A logomark was also provided for small format print material, the serif ‘M’ that was used in the main logo. 

Palette & Typography

The colour palette was inspired by the female ownership and the initial discovery session that was used to gain the owner’s perspective. The new brand identity must support the mood and tone of voice used throughout all channels including stationary print, social media, and website while creating a personality in the store.

Website Development

Our dedicated team meticulously developed a tailored user flow and content strategy, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for visitors. In addition, we infused the site design with playful color accents, maintaining a consistent visual identity throughout. To enhance Mik Cafe & Bakery’s online visibility, we delivered expert SEO services and conducted in-depth organic research, optimizing the website for search engines and elevating their digital footprint. This engaging website was built using the versatile WordPress CMS

Stationary Print

For stationary print, you are able to find touchpoints from the identity throughout all marketing materials. With a keen eye for detail, we crafted elegant business cards and menus, featuring soft pastel tones and minimalist design elements, resonating with Mik Cafe & Bakery’s chic, contemporary aesthetic. To complete the enchanting experience, we adorned their coffee cups with the brand’s signature style, seamlessly blending sophistication and warmth to create a truly memorable impression for patrons seeking a refined yet inviting haven to indulge in their favourite treats.