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Nivek Remas Reveal Dundas Square Barbers Event

On September 29, 2021, Nivek Remas hosted the reveal for Dundas Square Barbers, an award-winning luxury barbershop. The event began with the arrival of influencers from the Toronto area. Next, Samer Shaath and Kevin Chan, partners of boutique design firm Nivek Remas, concisely discussed how they planned and built the interior design.

We loved hearing from the partners about the process it takes to build an award-winning project. Take a look at some of the content we captured from that amazing day.

Dundas Square Barbers Photography

Thanks for reading

We want to thank Macintyre Communications for the fantastic hospitality and Nivek Remas for taking the time to reveal their masterpiece to Dundas Square. Our representatives are constantly encountering customers who were astonished by the level of detail these designers used. 

Connect with Dundas Square Barbers

@DundasSquareBarbers on Instagram, or visit their website at dundassquarebarbers.com.

Connect with Nivek Remas

@NivekRemas on Instagram, or visit their website at www.nivekremas.com.