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Tomas Henkenhaf

Chief Marketing Officer

Tomas Henkenhaf

Tomas Henkenhaf serves as Chief Marketing Officer at Yesterday Design Co. Ltd. He brings vast experience, including brand strategy and IT architecture. In addition, Mr. Henkenhaf has a track record of developing dynamic web software and integrating complex brand identities. Before his current position, he managed marketing, client experience, and data analytics for T7 Studios Corp. as their CMO.

  • Barrel Energy Inc.
  • Body and Spirit Cannabis
  • Dundas Square Barbers
  • Queen West Pet Grooming
  • Tower Barber & Coffee
Board of Directors
  • Dentli™
  • Lumens Dental Corp.
  • Benson & Klaus Inc.
  • Yesterday Design Co.
  • Führen Holdings Inc.
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Cyber Security
  • Web3 Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • UI/UX Design
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"Due to the fact that SaaS providers are housed in a central cloud, businesses should switch to this business model," said Henkenhaf. "They are in a unique position to distribute updates to users while also continuously updating their software.

I chose this reason because SaaS solutions update and expand much more quickly than in-house hardware, which used to necessitate extremely labor-intensive processes for the end-user. Customer retention is also higher with the subscription model than with other company models since SaaS applications offer consistent updates."
Yahoo! Finance

October 13, 2022